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Come, See, Fall in love...

Long before Siedlisko Morena stood on a hilly cape on the Łaśmiady Lake, Nature worked alone. A moraine shaped gentle hills and carved hollows. Lakes filled the hollows. The calamus grew on the edges of the lakes and grass covered the hills. Trees grew, forests thickened, meadows grew green. In 1450 the first newcomers appreciated the unique beauty of the place, founding one of the oldest Mazurian settlements – the nearby  Stare Juchy.

A few hundred years later, the almost undisturbed vicinity enchanted us as well. Today, when we entertain you on our cape, we can promise breathtaking views, silence and full contact with nature. From here, walking or on a bike, on countryside paths you will get to enchanting corners of nature; your car will take you to relics of culture: Święta Lipka (the Holy Linden Tree), the Kameduł monastery at the town of Wigry, the viaducts  at Stańczyki or the famous Wilczy Szaniec (Bastion of the Wolf).

There is no way to describe in a few words the beauty of the place so we cordially invite you to come here, to see and – like us – to fall in love…

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Jazz Bistro Group

Siedlisko Morena, Jeziorowskie 11a
19-330 Stare Juchy, Polska (Poland)
tel. +48 87 619-99-99

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